Now Hear This is a conversation with leaders in Indianapolis that are working to improve the lives of Hoosiers. Our goal is to empower you to join in their work and make a difference while informing you about the unseen aspects of life in Indiana. Now Hear This airs weekends on Q95, Fox Sports 1260AM, Alt 103.3, Real 98.3, and iHeart Radio stations in Indianapolis as an effort to share the work of local nonprofits with listeners. 

Now Hear This is composed of 1-2 interviews and is a 30-minute show with
the following air times:

• Fox Sports 1260 AM – Saturday @ 7am
• Q95 – Sunday @ 7am
• ALT 103.3 – Sunday @ 7am
• Real 98.3 – Sunday @ 7am

About Chris Spangle

Chris Spangle is currently the Digital Director for the BOB & TOM Show and current host of Now Hear This. After beginning his career as the producer of Abdul in the Morning, he went on to serve as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. He is also a podcast host and producer of shows like We Are Libertarians, Leaders and Legends with Robert Vane, and The Patdown with Ms. Pat. He is passionate about helping to amplify the work of local nonprofits.